Halloween is a time to make yourself up and have a little fun pretending you’re someone else. Wearing costumes is one of the best parts about the holiday!

And if you are new to wearing braces, Halloween can be a great time to use your “metal mouth” look to your advantage. This is your best chance to make your braces part of your look and be happy about it.

Here’s some costume ideas for braces wearers:

The Nerdy Girl 

This is an easy one to pull off. Find some thick glasses – just the frames if you don’t wear glasses – a simple print top with a plaid skirt or jeans that are out-of-style and a little too short. If you have longer hair, tie it in a ponytail or pigtails. Some white socks and oxford shoes help complete the look. Add some accessories like a notebook and backpack.

Some examples:

* Eliza from The Wild Thornberries

* Darla from Finding Nemo

* Ugly Betty from, well, Ugly Betty

For guys, it’s a similar design with thick glasses, a plaid shirt – don’t forget the pocket protector- and too short pants.

The Tooth Fairy 

Guys can try to copy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from his movie role at the Tooth Fairy. Just get a white T-shirt, some shorts, knee high socks, and sneakers. Then add a pair of fairy wings and a wand. A white headband is a nice touch.

And don’t forget, in the movie, The Rock paired his wings with full-on hockey gear.

Girls can use a pretty basic fairy costume, and even use a vile of glitter as fairy dust.

An Orthodontist 

This one is easy. Dress in a standard doctor or nurse’s costume, and tell everyone you’re an orthodontist or dental assistant. Even better, have fun and be Dr. TenBrook for the day!

Cheese Grater 

This takes a little work, but fashion a cardboard costume to cover your body that is shaped like a cheese grater. Paint the whole thing gray or silver – spray paint works best – and add the grating slots with black construction paper. Make a handle out of construction paper and loop it over your head. Your braces complete the look.

Dress in Black 

Any largely black costume, from a black cat to a vampire will provide a nice contrast to a shiny mouth. This is one time when you’ll like the effect.

Dental Costumes 

This may sound surprising, but there are a whole range of dental costumes available, from toothbrushes to giant tooth costumes. You can even dress as a tube of toothpaste. Your braces just complete the ensemble.

While Halloween can be a scary time for those with braces—with chewy and hard candies lurking around every corner—it can also be fun. If you have questions or concerns about what you can (or cannot) eat this fun time of year, contact us! We’d be happy to talk!

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