Halloween can be a tough time for braces wearers. You’re surrounded by all types of Halloween treats like cakes and cookies and most importantly – candy.

Everyone loves Halloween candy and taking a bite of that chewy candy bar or even a caramel apple is one of the best parts of the season. But with braces, trying to get that holiday sugar rush can lead to problems. Put simply, it’s not recommended that braces wearers ever eat candy.

Look at this list of foods you should not eat with braces on:

* Caramel and gooey chocolate bars.

* Very sticky or chunky peanut butter.

* Hard candies.

* Nuts.

* Chewy candy, taffy, and gummy bears.

* Popcorn.

* Gum.

That doesn’t leave much room for candy. That’s not because we’re trying to kill your holiday spirit, but because chewy, crunchy, and sugar-filled foods can cause problems with your braces and make it much harder to keep your braces and teeth clean. That can affect the health of your mouth and teeth not only while you’re braces are on, but also in the future.

Candy is filled with sugar, which is a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are what fuel the bacteria on your teeth to produce acids that cause tooth decay to form. Candy can cause a lot of damage to your teeth when you don’t have braces, but with braces on, that sugar can find its way behind brackets and wires and be extremely hard to brush or floss away. That’s especially true of sticky and chewy candies that find their way into every nook and cranny of your teeth anyway.

It can also be true of candies that dissolve in your mouth like a lollipop or Jolly Rancher. No you don’t have to chew them, but they still coat your teeth in sugar. So while eating candy can always contribute to tooth decay, it can be even more serious while you’re wearing braces.

Also, candy often has a texture that’s difficult for braces wearers to chew. Whether it’s a hard candy or sticky and gooey, candy can be tough on braces.

Biting into hard and sticky foods puts stress on your teeth. With braces on, that pressure is also on your brackets and bands in your braces. That can cause them to come lose or even break, which means you’ll have to take a trip into Tenbrook Orthodontics to repair the damage. Meanwhile, broken archwires and brackets can lead to discomfort, which is well worth avoiding.

And keep in mind, that until repairs are made, your braces aren’t working as they should, which could extend how long you have to wear them.

Of course, even though they are bad for your teeth, nobody really expects that patients will never eat sugary snacks again. In moderation, there is nothing wrong with an occasional treat now and again, especially if you brush afterwards.

Braces wearers can still partake in soft baked goods, creamy peanut butter, and soft desserts like Jell-O or baked apples. And don’t forget that you can also eat ice cream with braces (as long as you hold the nuts and candy pieces). So there’s still room for a happy Halloween!

While Halloween can be a scary time for those with braces—with chewy and hard candies lurking around every corner—it can also be fun. If you have questions or concerns about what you can (or cannot) eat this fun time of year, contact us! We’d be happy to talk!

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  1. Melissa Atkinson

    So happy to announce that it’s been a week since I got braces! Absolutely love the T1! Had no teeth pain at all just sore when I ate! Can wait to see my new straighter smile!


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