Our Founder

Dr. James TenBrook is a world-renowned orthodontist and creator of the revolutionary T1 and T-Clear TenBrook Self-Ligating Braces Systems.

Dr. James TenBrook is a Harvard trained orthodontist who has been practicing for over two decades and has treated over 20,000 patients in South Jersey. He developed the revolutionary T1 TenBrook Self-Ligating technology which dramatically reduces patients’ actual time in braces and provides more comfort during the process of tooth alignment.

Dr. TenBrook received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA. He then proceeded to the Medical University of SC in Charleston, where he earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine. Afterwards, Dr. TenBrook trained at Emory University where he performed his internship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Finally, he went on to Harvard University, where he earned his Masters of Medical Sciences and Orthodontic Degree from the Harvard Medical School and Forsyth Dental Center respectively.

Dr. TenBrook returned to his grassroots in Southern New Jersey, realizing his dream of bringing high quality orthodontic treatment at a reasonable cost. Dr. TenBrook currently owns and operates nine offices in New Jersey as well as TenBrook Practice Management Services, which focuses on high efficiency treatment in a private orthodontic practice setting. TenBrook Orthodontics is recognized as one of the finest practices in the USA.

Dr. TenBrook is active in many areas of his orthodontic profession. He has been a guest speaker, both nationally and internationally, from Palm Springs, CA to Pretoria, South Africa, where he lectured on treatment efficiencies and practice management solutions.

Dr. TenBrook is an active member of the American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, and the Harvard Society for the Advancement of Orthodontics.

Dr. TenBrook Lectures

Northeastern Society of Orthodontists Meeting
New York, New York – May 1992

“Effects of Mandibular Protraction Device on Mandibular Growth in Rats, and its Implications on Humans”,
Harvard Medical School Thesis.

ORMCO, Insiders Group
Palm Springs, California; Pretoria, South Africa – March 2004, 2005

Invited Speaker, TenBrook Orthodontics: An Orthodontic Model Of Management and Treatment Systems.

University of Connecticut Orthodontic Residency Program
Farmington, Connecticut – 2008

Invited speaker, Introducing the TenBrook Treatment System: A Biologically Oriented Treatment Technique.

OrthoClassic TenBrook Axis Lecture Series (2009-2010)
Casablanca, Marocco; Bangkok, Thailand; Warsaw, Poland; Irvine, CA; Mexico City, Mexico; Dubai, UAE; Singapore; Atlanta, GA.; Chicago, IL; Taiwan; San Diego, CA; Boston, MA.; McMinnville, OR
“Maximizing Efficiencies at All Three Stages of Treatment”

TenBrook T1 Passive Self-Ligating System Lecture Series

  • Krakow, Poland (November 2010)
  • Chicago, IL (2001)
  • Paradise Island, Bahamas (March 2011)
  • Warszawa, Poland (May 2011)
  • Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico (July 2011)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (August 2011)
  • Warsaw, Poland (February 2012)
  • Millville, NJ (May 2012)
  • Makassar, Indonesia (September 2012)
  • Warsaw, Poland (November 2012)
  • University of Colorado (December 2012)
  • Baylor University, TX (January 2013)