Brushing twice a day is paramount to preserving healthy smiles. However, having braces means the rule is squared; brushing four times daily is important. Appointments with your orthodontist, and your overall progress, are pivotal to gum health. The gums tell all! This means the way you care for your gums will affect the progress of tooth movement. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently massage the surface of your gums. The process will help reduce inflammation of swollen gums and prevent future irritation. Flossing is another game changer. Bacteria left behind from particles of food can stay trapped between your teeth after brushing. This can lead to formation of cavities in the crevices you cannot always see. Floss to prevent your smile from sparkling the day your braces are removed! If you or your child aren’t brushing for at least four minutes, your gums and teeth are not reaching optimal health. Brushing for four minutes with an electric toothbrush will cleanse more than your manual brushing.


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